video remixes

storyboarding and shooting “old school” custom music videos, plus other experiments 🙂

audio remixes

creating continuous mixes of digital music using turntables and Traktor Scratch Pro — always building new playlists so your ideas are welcome!

graphics remixes

using graphics and text to present ideas


when telling stories, there is so much room for experimenting, right?

event highlights

timing and assembling event footage to music, giving viewers a brief glimpse of some highlights

kinetic text exercises

working on improving techniques to breathe more life into text on video


Listen to what works

You should listen to what works. Listen to why a song is a hit. Check it out – not to imitate it, but there are certain things that work – hooks and melodies. Hear what works through the ages.

Diane Warren


This time and space is meant for "hangin" out with "hazy" ideas. For many practical reasons, most of our ideas don't get the time of day. This is where experimenting with some of the ideas leads to little project adventures!


a lot of the content here might be music-based because I enjoy it so much —  especially tunes from the 80’s and 90’s

trial and error

troubleshooting is central to the process, taking passes at something repeatedly — not to arrive at a “final draft”, but to get an “updated version” until it works

ping pong

sometimes, it just helps to bounce your ideas off of someone — here to help!

digital creative production tools of choice

visual: Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator | Apple Keynote | WordPress — audio: Serato | Spotify

Stuff that works

Royalty Free Music Site Tips + Reviews

Music can add a special touch to any multimedia project. It’s a common task for me to search for music, so I’m sharing my personal reviews on sites and software that I come across and use. Hope they help speed […]

Tempo Tap

I just realized I use the tool a lot. It’s a simple BPM (beats per minute) finder. When I’m searching for songs to add to mixes, I need to double check what the BPM is so I know what […]

Sax solos from 80s + 90s tracks

Was listening to one of my playlists on Spotify and one after the other, that powerful saxophone solo kept bursting out of each a song. All I could think was, “Where did that sax solo go?!” I don’t hear it […]

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