Royalty Free Music Site Tips + Reviews

Music can add a special touch to any multimedia project. It’s a common task for me to search for music, so I’m sharing my personal reviews on sites and software that I come across and use. Hope they help speed […]

Tempo Tap

I just realized I use the tool a lot. It’s a simple BPM (beats per minute) finder. When I’m searching for songs to add to mixes, I need to double check what the BPM is so I know what […]

Sax solos from 80s + 90s tracks

Was listening to one of my playlists on Spotify and one after the other, that powerful saxophone solo kept bursting out of each a song. All I could think was, “Where did that sax solo go?!” I don’t hear it […]

Tutorials and Resources

If I don’t know how to do something, I forever GOOGLE IT. Here, I’ll keep listing down all the tutorials that have helped digital production, organized by tool. Thank you to those who post these tutorials online!   ADOBE PHOTOSHOP […]