One of my best friends that I’ve known since 6 yrs. old asked me if I could do a music video as entertainment for their wedding guests, in addition to a love story/slideshow.

Production Notes:
Had to really think hard about his one. These music videos don’t need to match the original music videos frame by frame. There were a lot of music videos that influenced our childhood – and movies too. Dirty Dancing was replayed a lot growing up and I knew that was a movie favorite – I HAD to pull something from that movie too. Also, had to include a bit of a story line between her and her husband so imagined that one up too.

Storyboarded on index cards, and included a bit of the Dirty Dancing scene at the end. Location-wise, we needed some kind of open field so we found one at San Bruno Mountain State & County Park. We also taped some scenes Oyster Point Trail and Buri Buri Park in South San Francisco. It was a 5-hour shoot.

Digital Tools Used: Final Cut Pro

August 2014

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