La Isla Bonita

A family friend, Desiree G., called me and said, “I want to do a music video, can you do it?” Her good friends had a birthday event coming up and they were thinking about providing some surprise entertainment for their guests.

Production Notes:
These take a lot of production planning and coordination – it’s 50% of the process probably – setting a date/time, booking people, booking location, storyboarding, etc. We were going to go small – maybe shoot in someone’s backyard. But as Desiree was getting everyone/everything together, she somehow managed to book a MANSION in the process!

She even brought food on the day of. I handled the production end – storyboarding, making sure camera batteries were recharged, making sure we had a working speaker to replay the song over and over, videotaping, directing the scenes and guiding people on what to do, video-editing.

Everyone creatively collaborated and just had a blast laughing at all these weird ideas and possibilities throughout the process.

We shot this video in about 3-4 hours in Woodside, California.

Even if we used similar scenes to the real video, drawing the scenes on separate index cards really helped to smoothen production.  Referred to them constantly during the shoot.  This was a total start to finish project.

Digital Tools Used: Adobe Premiere

November 2016