Royalty Free Music Site Tips + Reviews

Music can add a special touch to any multimedia project. It’s a common task for me to search for music, so I’m sharing my personal reviews on sites and software that I come across and use. Hope they help speed up your search for the perfect multimedia or video background tunes.

I’ve been thinking of subscribing to some kind of song library, but for now, it’s royalty free. In order of best quality:

YouTube Audio Library
Not bad! This one is great! Able to find something fast, but wish the selection was larger.

Has a great search feature! The selection is not too vast though, but good stuff!

Free Music Channel
I like this – found things, just hard to search.

Free Music Archive
This one has good songs. The only thing is that searching for something could take a long time. The keyword search isn’t too specific. For instance, if I want something “fast” and “happy”, I’d search for “instrumental” and have to listen to a bunch of them.

Moby Gratis
Moby provides his music for free download and use. This is pretty cool and has really great tracks. You need to apply for the music in order to use it…but they respond within 24 hours. Wish you could just use the songs. I haven’t used anything from here yet because of that extra step.

Partners in Rhyme
The selection is just ok here to me.


The loops on GarageBand are pretty good. You can also create something that not everyone will be using. However, still takes time to create and it doesn’t cover a lot of the spectrum of moods that you’ll need the music for.

Free loops are good, but this is limited. Neat that you can just start creating music online like that!